Starting Kit – Jade Yoni Egg

Trasform the Sexual Energy into Spiritual Essence


Starting Kit – Jade Yoni Egg

Transform the Sexual Energy into Spiritual Essence




The Yoni Egg Starting Kit – Jade includes:

  • A Jade stone carved into an egg shape to be worn inside the Yoni (“sacred temple”, the Sanskrit name for vagina). A powerful and ancient tool used to get stronger pelvic muscles, heal yourself and achieve a deeper connection with your Yoni, your sexuality and Yourself.
  • A sweet and emollient Sweet Almond oil (60ml), perfect for the delicate vaginal mucosa. 100% Natural, obtained by cold pressing of Italian almonds.
  • A Natural Cotton Travel Pouch.

Every Yoni Egg is DRILLED.


Jade is a rare stone and only jadeite and nephrite jade, dark green stones, are considered authentic Jade. Traditionally Yoni Eggs have been made only of Jade, so it is recommended to start the Yoni Egg practice with a Jade Egg for its well-known immense energetic and healing properties.

Jade is a very grounding, balancing and protective stone that can be worn for long periods of time. Jade Yoni Eggs have a powerful, but gentle, energy that, it is believed, can protect the owner from negative outside energies.

Jade has amazing healing properties for the entire organism, especially for the kidneys and the female reproductive system.


Jade energetically connects Anahata, the heart chakra, with Swadistana, the second chakra, and your Yoni.


Large Size approx. 50×35 mm, generally recommended for women over 45 years old, that gave birth to more than one child or with some incontinence problems.
Medium Size approx. 43×30 mm, generally recommended for women younger than 45 years old, that gave birth to one child or never delivered children and without known incontinence problems.
Small Size approx. 35×25 mm, generally recommended for women that already used larger sizes and are experts in the practice with the Yoni Egg or that have some vaginal muscle tensions problems (such as vaginism).


Drilled: Yes
Stone: Nephrite Jade
Color: Dark Green
Oil: 100% Natural Italian Sweet Almond Oil (60 ml)

INCLUDES cotton travel pouch.


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We use only certified stones and gems. We do not use chemicals or colorants.


Yoni Egg practice awakes self Love, Awareness and self Healing.


Every piece is one of a kind, hand-crafted from a special stone.


Used for centuries to transform sexual energy into spiritual essence.

The secret to use eggs carved out of Jade to access sexual power, awaken sensuality and maintain a good health claims its roots in ancient China, 5000 years ago. Up until recently, this deep healing tool was kept secret. Luckily today this magical and profound practice is available to everyone.

Use the Yoni Egg Starting Kit to explore this ancient practice and feel its beneficial effects on your body and your sensuality. Practice with your Yoni Egg on a regular basis to feel its many remarkable effects, but use it only when it feels right for you. Don’t overuse it, it is not a fitness tool. You should see it as a powerful tool for self-healing and self Love.

Yoni Egg practice is NOT a substitute for any medical treatment: if you feel discomfort after using the Egg, discontinue its use and consult your physician.



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