How does the shipping work?

Our shipping company will send you an email with your tracking number once the package is picked up at our warehouse. If your tracking link does not work, try it again later as it normally takes some hours to register the tracking information. Please note that our shipping company only works on business days.

If your order pass through customs, we are not liable for any additional costs it may arise.
If you send a return package to a wrong address, we are not liable for any loss or misplacement.

What is the estimate time of delivery?
Italy3 week days
Europe and UK3-4 week days
USA and Canada4-5 week days
Rest of the World4-8 week days
My stone is different from the picture, what should I do?

For our Mala Beads and Yoni Eggs we only use natural, unbleached, certified stones and crystals. We don’t use any chemical solution or colorant.

All our products are hand made, therefore unique. It is absolutely normal to find small differences among them o compared to the pictures presented in our website.

Since natural stones have different characteristics, our products may present some shape and size differences and may show little color shade or tonality alterations on the surface of the stone. These are not defects, but a confirm of the authenticity of the materials.

How do I take care of my Natural Yoga Mat?

Natural Cork has natural antibacterial proprieties, that will keep your mat clean. You just need to follow a few simple rules to keep your cork Yoga mat in great shape.
Before use, read carefully:

  • always roll it loosely, cork side out
  • never fold it or crease it
  • after use, if very wet, let it dry flat before rolling it up
  • don’t leave it under the direct sunlight for long periods of time
How do I take care of my Yoni Egg?

Yoni Eggs are made of hard natural stones and crystals. They just need a little care to last a lifetime.

Before use, read carefully:

  • boil some water, take it off the stove and, after a few minutes, put the Yoni Egg inside the pot for around 5 minutes. If you like, you can add a few drops of essential oil (lavender or tee tree oil) to the water
  • DO NOT boil directly the Yoni Egg, this might create cracks on its surface and lead to fragility issues
  • avoid using chemical disinfectants and soap that can remain in traces on the Yoni Egg surface
  • after use, wash the Yoni Egg under streaming water and carefully clean the drilled hole. Dry it and store it in the provided cotton pouch.

Remember that Yoni Egg practice is NOT a substitute for medical treatment. Please discontinue immediately the use of this product and consult your physician if you feel any discomfort after using this product.

How do I take care of my Mala Beads?

Your Mala needs to be cleaned once in awhile: keep your mala underneath streaming water and touch every bead with the intention to clean it. Leave it outside to dry, possibly during full moon. If you like you can put some drops of natural essential oil on each bead.

What are the measures?

MATERASSINI IN SUGHERO E GOMMA NATURALE: lunghezza183cm, larghezza 61cm, spessore 3mm.

YONI EGGS: piccolo, medio, grande

Per sapere quale misura di Yoni Egg è più adatta per te, leggi “Quale misura scegliere per il tuo primo Yoni Egg?“.

Which Payment Methods do you accept?

Credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover.
Debit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express.

Can I sell YogicYantra at my store?

If you are interested in becoming a retailer of YogicYantra please contact us.
We will answer back to you in 24-48 hours.

Can I collaborate with YogicYantra?

Se volete collaborare con noi, visitate la sezione Ambasciatore per maggiori informazioni.

Commercial and sweepstakes prizes

Commercial and sweepstakes prizes given through our social networks are free of commercial value and, therefore, any type of guarantee. If you find any defect in the reception of the product you’ll have to communicate it as soon as possible by contacting us. Changes and refunds are not accepted.

The print of my Cork Yoga Mat lost color after the first use, what should I do?

Sometimes, the print of our Natural Cork Yoga Mats might loses a little bit of color after the first uses. This behavior is related to the unique composition of the natural cork surface of our mats that, from mat to mat, absorbs the color of the print (natural and non-toxic) in a different way and quantity.
As a result, after the first uses of the mat, it might sometimes occur a small smudge of the print. This is because the surface of your yoga mat hasn’t completely absorbed the color. The color might also leave some traces on hands and feet.
This is absolutely normal and will happen only during the first practices. Once the cork surface will have finished to reject the excess of color, this behave will stop. In any case the print will not fade.
To remove the smudge, you can simply use a white eraser and a liquid solution of water and white vinegar: spray a little quantity of this liquid on the smudge and then lightly swab it with a cotton cloth, without rubbing.
If you still have doubts, you can contact us and send pictures of your mat at [email protected]

What should I do if I receive a defective product?

If you receive any defective product, send us pictures where the defect is clearly shown and also some pictures of the box, so that we can verify it and find a solution for you.

What about if I receive an incorrect order?

If you receive an incorrect order, send us a picture of everything you have received, along with the respective references in the box, and we will resolve the problem for you once the content is verified.

Can I return and get refund?

If you wish to invoke your right of withdrawal, please, fill in the following form, to comply with our national laws, and send it to [email protected]

The right of withdrawal states that you can return the product to the sender within 14 days upon reception, paying the shipping fees that may arise of such return. Once we receive the merchandise, we would refund the corresponding amount of the order, though not the return costs.

Please note that: Yoni Egg and Yoni Egg set is for intimate use. The return policy is not applicable for those products for obvious reasons.


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