Did you know that cork is one of the most sustainable materials on the planet? Do you find yourself often slipping on the mat?
Do you want a self cleaning and durable tool for your practice?

Ditch the yoga towel and the mat spray and invest on a cork yoga mat: your new Best Natural Yoga Mat!

Why Yoga mats made of Cork?

Cork material has a huge number of awesome characteristic.

Cork is:

  • Renewable: Cork is the outer bark of a cork oak tree that grows especially in the Mediterranean area and can live as long as 200 years. Cork bark is harvested only by hand every 9 to 12 years, so no trees are cut down to make these mats.
  • Biodegradable: Cork comes directly from nature, so it is completely recyclable & biodegradable. Any cork waste from production of the mats is grounded and reused to make other products.
  • Antimicrobial: Cork has great antibacterial proprieties, that help keep it clean. One studied showed almost 100% bacterial reduction of Staphylococcus aureus, after 90 minutes of incubation.
  • Anti-static and water-resistant: Cork naturally tends to repel dust, hair, water and other small particles from its surface. It contains a waxy substance called Suberin, that in nature repels small insects. This makes cork surface practically self cleaning, helping to promote the healthiest surface for your practice.

How Cork can improve your Yoga practice?

Cork is a perfect material to practice Yoga.

Cork provides:

  • Grip: These eco-friendly mats are known for helping you keep your grip with damp hands. Many yogis have converted to cork for its persistent non-slip surface, even during the sweatiest hot yoga. The more you sweat, the better grip you have! You will never have to use a towel during yoga practice.
  • Insulation and warmth: Cork surface is warm under foot and insulates heat and cold. Its unique cellular structure with millions of cells enclosed with a gaseous substance, absorbs energy on impact and quickly regains its structure, therefore provides a comfortable cushioned surface that gives a soft feeling to the feet and joints which is ideal for long hours of practice.
  • Durability: Cork has a very long life and can be repaired if damaged or given a new look by sanding. It is very easy to clean and maintain.

Discover YogicYantra Natural Cork Yoga Mat Collection

For all this reasons YogicYantra decided to use only Raw Natural Cork and Natural Rubber for its first collection of Yoga Mats. These mats are everything that a yogi may ask for: Eco-friendly, with an incredible Grip and great Comfort!

Discover all the incredible benefits of practicing Yoga on a Cork Yoga Mat, you will be blown away from the soft touch of it. Enjoy your Natural Yoga practice!

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